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Elevate Your HR Career

Date: 24 January 2024
Time: 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Why You Need Mentoring Now to Elevate Your Hr Career?

The Future-of-Work is about Uncertainty & Disruption, but filled also with Opportunities & Possibilities. As HR professionals, we juggle a multitude of evolving, changing roles & responsibilities. From recruitment & employee relations, compliance, talent & performance development, engagement, etc. Navigating this dynamic field can be daunting & challenging. BUT as HR Professionals & Leaders, we really do not have to do these alone.


  • Conquering complex HR challenges with advice from experts & experienced HR Leaders in-country, ASEAN & Asia.
  • Fast-tracking your Skills & Competencies Development with Personalized Mentoring & Guidance.
  • Building a powerful network & gaining industry Presence & Visibility.
  • Reaching your full Potential & Achieving Career Aspirations with unwavering support & motivation.

Mentoring can play a BIG part in supporting us, as HR professionals, to:

  • Unlock Expertise, Experiences & Knowledge
  • Sharpen Your Skills & Competencies by Owning these
  • Expand Your Networks & Relationships
  • Fuel Your Growth
  • Accelerate Your Career

Mentoring is about INVESTING IN YOURSELF & your Future. A shorter Path to success, a Catalyst for growth & a Source of invaluable support in your HR journey.

Please do join us on ZOOM, as HR Professionals & Leaders, to find out WHY Mentoring can be a UVP, Game-Changer & Success Catalyst for YOU in the Future-of-Work.

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