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Tired of juggling HR tasks on top of your main role? This training is for you!

HR for Non-HR Managers equips you with the skills to manage your team like a pro without becoming an HR expert.

Stop the guesswork! Learn how to:

🌟Recruit the perfect fit
💪Motivate for top performance
🚀 Boost employee engagement
🌱 Empower career growth

Marketing Making You? Get Answers FREE! Stuck with marketing questions?

❓ What are the fundamentals and current modern marketing methods?
❓ How do we develop an actionable one-page marketing plan using real-world businesses and the Value Proposition Canvas?
❓ How do you master the art of brand differentiation by understanding Push-Pull Dynamics?

Join our FREE 1-Day Marketing Made Simple program! Want to learn more? WhatsApp us: https://wa.link/5ftnn0

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