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Malaysia HR Forum Facebook Update – 2023-09-13T07:40:17+0000

🎙️ Join us for the grand finale of HR Professional Unveiled Series 1! 🎉 Dive into E.S.G. principles with Manmeet Kalra and explore Inspirational Leadership with EQ. Don’t miss it every Wednesday at 8 pm on YouTube. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE!

🌟 Gain valuable insights from HR Expert Manmeet Kalra as he dissects essential HR topics and provides training on Inspirational Leadership: Leading with EQ. Enhance your leadership skills for the benefit of both individuals and organizations. 🚀

TONIGHT at 8 pm on YouTube for the “Human in Human” Resource series!

Watch now: https://youtu.be/FXcj413yn2M

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