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Malaysia HR Forum Facebook Update – 2023-10-16T13:22:47+0000

Stay tuned to the Leadership Development Program by Malaysia HR Forum.

Achieve knowledge, skills, and abilities with us, and we will create an energetic and synergistic leadership team! Develop competent managers and develop dynamic teams.

Why are you still here? Are you ready to take your leadership skills from good to great?

Good leaders aspire, great leaders achieve: 🏔️ Reaching the peak in leadership development 🌄.

Chat with us on WhatsApp for more details! 📲 : https://wa.link/4iluxw

Join us for the Leadership Development Program (LDP)! 🌟

Embark on an intensive journey, and become the exceptional leader who ignites innovation, steers through challenges, and cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within your organization. 🌍

🌠 Register now: http://malaysiahrforum.com/trainings/inhouse-training/#form


All our training is 100% HRDC claimable (SBL Khas Scheme)

Leading People|Leading Organisations

🌐 malaysiahrforum.com or email us at: sophie@malaysiahrforum.com

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