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Malaysia HR Forum Facebook Update – 2023-10-20T08:37:21+0000

🍽Malaysia HR Forum Special Menu🍽

Indulge your senses with our extraordinary specials of the day! Our expert trainer has crafted a tantalizing menu that’s perfect for your upskilling diet. 🍲🍽

Entrée of the Day:
Employment Law & Industrial Relations Masterclass

Dive into a bowl of the Employment Act, minimize workload by 40%. Navigating complex employment regulations and cultivating industrial harmony. 📜🤝

Main Course of the Day:

Learning Pathway & Public Training
A delight infused with zesty trainings focus on real-world application, encouraging participants to apply what they’ve learned in their work or life. A sip of pure bliss! 📚🍹

In-House Learning Journey
Soft and fluffy skills filled with a medley of knowledge, giving you a taste of expertise in every bite. 📖🍽

Dessert of the Day:

Comprehensive IR Advisory/Consulting
A heavenly dessert get RM5,000 Discount Sign Up by 30th November 2023. A sweet HR advisory and consulting ending to your meal! 🍨💰

Leadership Development Program (LDP)
A menu masterpiece fusing the timeless aspire to lead with distinction with a scoop of strive to achieve greatness. Just as this dessert pleases your training experience. 🍰🚀

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