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Malaysia HR Forum Facebook Update

πŸš€ Brace yourselves folks! The epic saga of Malaysia HR Forum 2023 YES!

🌟 Since June 2020, our Facebook Community has surged to an incredible 40,000 members. But hold onto your seats because this year, we’ve welcomed an astonishing 10,000 more! πŸŽ‰

But that’s not all, we’ve set the stage ablaze with over 10 pulse pounding webinars, featuring a staggering 6560 live participants. Questions firing, professionals answering. It’s been a virtual Symphony of HR unleashed! 🎀✨

Why does it matter?
Because it’s about our people. The dreamers, the doers, the collaborators who turn dreams into reality. Together, we’ve built a workplace where passion and dedication are the driving forces for success. πŸŒπŸ’Ό

Join the excitement, be part of the journey! Swipe up to discover what makes Malaysia HR Forum truly extraordinary. πŸ‘†βœ¨

#MHREpicSaga #HRSuccess #CommunityMilestones #JoinTheJourney”

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