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PM announces pay hike, cash aid for civil servants [NSTTV]

PM announces pay hike, cash aid for civil servants [NSTTV]

By Nuradzimmah Daim – August 30, 2022 @ 11:40am

PUTRAJAYA: The government has approved several measures to improve the wellbeing of civil servants and to boost their morale in carrying out their duties more efficiently as well as diligently.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the government has furthermore agreed to expedite the review on public service pension system carried out by the Public Service Department by considering the human capital aspect.

This is to ensure the pension and services remain relevant to the current situation and within the government’s financial capabilities.

In responding to concerns and grievances raised by civil servants, he said the government agreed to increase the maximum number of leave gathered for Cash Award in Lieu of Leave (GCR) from 160 to 180 days.

“The government understands the workload that has become bigger and more challenging, rendering staff unable to finish their annual leave.

“With the increase, they can keep their leave days for the GCR purpose and increase cash in future retirement,” he said in his speech at the 18th Civil Service Premier Gathering (MAPPA XVIII).

Secondly, he said the special rest days would be increased to 15 per year from five days for education service officers who had served for over 10 years.

The additional rest days would benefit about 500,000 teachers, allowing them to attend to urgent matters and enable them to collect higher GCR.

Thirdly, the interpretation of family members for the unrecorded leave would be extended to also include close family members, including siblings and grandparents. Previously, unrecorded leave was only allowed for individuals whose spouse, parents- and parents-in-law who died.

Fourthly, the pay for officers who have reached the maximum wage would be improved, he said.

“The government has agreed to impose fixed three per cent increase in salaries of those who have reached the maximum wage. They would be increased to a new rate and will be standardised based on grades for all service classification with effect on Jan 1, 2022.

“Public Service Department will issue a circular containing detailed explanation on this matter.”

Fifthly, the government staff in Grade 11 to 56 will receive an additional RM100 pay raise that would be paid from January. A total 1.28 government staff will benefit from this, with an overall allocation RM1.5 billion.

“For example, the annual pay raise for Grade 11 was previously set at RM80, so in year 2023, the staff will get the basic RM80 plus the RM100.”

Ismail Sabri also announced that the RM700 special financial aid for 2023 to be paid in January to staff in Grade 56 and below and RM350 for pensioners and veterans with pension.

Source: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2022/08/826880/pm-announces-pay-hike-cash-aid-civil-servants-nsttv

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