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Malaysia HR Forum Facebook Update – 2023-02-09T06:45:32+0000

Learn about the key amendments of the Employment Act 1955 and how to simplify the implementation of the amendment. How does the amendment affect your organisation? What are the key challenges that your organization will face and how to navigate them? How does the overtime provision affect your workforce? and many more. Obtain free templates and learn simplified methods that will save your HR’s time managing the change.

You will learn on:
Extension of Maternity Leave & Introduction of Paternity Leave
Restriction on Termination of Pregnant Employees
Sexual Harassment Notice
Reduction of Work Hours.
Introduction of Flexible Work Arrangement (FWA)
Forced Labour & Discrimination Provisions and many more.

About the Trainer
Mr. Arulkumar Singaraveloo better known as Arul comes with 22 years of progressive HR experience in a world-leading semiconductor organization. A Bachelor’s in Engineering (UTM) graduate and subsequently obtained an MBA from Strathclyde University, Scotland. An experienced HR Director with solid experience in various HR spectrums and co-founded Malaysia HR Forum, a fast-growing HR platform in Malaysia that has over 30,500 members and growing aggressively that are providing learning opportunities to HR practitioners and business leaders. The Forum also focuses on HR transformation to strengthen the operational excellence in HR for sustainable growth in the country.

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