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Is there a difference between a ’Contract of Service’ and ’Contract for Service’? What type of contract do we use for employment purposes and what do we use for engaging a contractor or a freelancer?

Is there a legal impact if we use them interchangeably? What are the different between them? What are the key components and fundamental term that must be in those contracts?

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Employment Contract:
💼 You are an employee of a company, receiving regular wages and benefits such as paid leave and health insurance.
📅 You adhere to company policies and work schedules determined by your employer.
🕴 The company has more control over your work activities.

Independent Contractor Agreement:
🤝 You are self-employed, providing services to a company with a specific project or task in mind.
⏰ You set your own hours and determine your work methods.
💰You are responsible for your own taxes and benefits.

Which one applies to you? Knowing the difference helps you understand your rights and responsibilities, ensures proper legal protection, and clarifies expectations with your employer or client. ⚖

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