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Learn how companies decide salary structure?

Join Malaysia HR Forum’s session on Job Evaluation Methods and unlock the secret sauce behind fair salary structures! In this session, you’ll learn:

How your compensation is ACTUALLY determined!

2 Main Approaches to Job Evaluation:
⚖️ Whole Job Evaluation: Ranking & Grouping jobs based on overall importance.
➕ Specific Job Evaluation: Assigning points for factors like skills and experience.

By understanding these methods, you can gain valuable insight into how your compensation is determined!
❓ How to design a fair grading system for your company? (Matching goals, consistency, market competitiveness)
❓ Identifying Key Result Areas (KRAs) for accurate job evaluation and compensation plans.
❓ Setting competitive salary ranges for different positions within your organisation

Stop feeling confused! Get the knowledge you deserve.

Join our session and take control of your career! ➡️ WhatsApp us: https://wa.link/5ftnnO for more info!

All our training is 100% HRDC claimable (SBL-KHAS SCHEME)

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