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Feeling overwhelmed by HR tasks alongside your current responsibilities? You’re not alone!

Empower yourself and your team by mastering the Employee Life Cycle:

☑️ Recruiting top talent
☑️ Training and developing your team
☑️ Motivating for peak performance
☑️ Maintaining a positive work environment
☑️ Guiding career growth

Join our HR for Non-HR Managers training and acquire essential skills!

Non-HR practitioners are pivotal in driving employee engagement, performance, and team success. However, navigating the dynamic HR landscape can be challenging.

Curious about the latest HR trends impacting non-HR practitioners?


What are the current trends in HR that non-HR managers should be aware of?
What are the key legal considerations in HR that non-HR managers should be aware of?

All our training is 100% HRDC claimable (SBL-KHAS SCHEME)

Leading People | Leading Organisations

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